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What is "Care Management"?

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Much like a general contractor does when they build your home and only hire the best to complete each aspect of the build; Family First Care Management’s philosophy is predicated on always advocating and placing the needs of our clients first.

Our Care management professionals carefully selects providers of healthcare, family mediation, illness and chronic disease education, cost containment, financial management or guardianship assistance, moving assistance and counseling and support.

Family First customizes and manages your loved one’s care, just as a general contractor customizes and manages home construction to meet your needs.

  The Result?

Safe, comfortable living with a new kind of freedom.


Care Management:

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have seen a big change in my elderly parents’ ability to take care of themselves. I’m not sure how serious the situation is, but I know they need help. Can you help me?

Yes. With Family First's Care Management service, our care manager conducts an initial consultation with you and your family. We then can identify any issues and develop a care plan to address your family’s needs.

I work full time and cannot always be there when Mom needs me. Can you help?

Yes. Our care manager can be your eyes and ears to help you manage your relative’s care and be your family's advocate for your loved one. For example, your care manager can accompany your loved one to a physician and then communicate to you about what transpired.

How much does it cost to get started with Care Management services?

Each client and family is unique and has specific needs and concerns. During the initial consultation, we will determine your needs, explain our services, and identify your priorities. We’ll customize a comprehensive care plan that details the costs of the services you choose. The costs of your services, including travel time, are billed hourly.

My family is at odds and overwhelmed with decisions about the care of our loved one. Can you help us?

Yes! Your family’s situation and concerns aren’t unusual. We understand that discussing—and finding consensus about—important issues like elderly care can be difficult and uncomfortable. Oftentimes, these problems occur because family members see their parent’s needs differently. Family First Senior Care can assess your parent objectively and provide valuable information about what kind of care is best and most realistic under the circumstances. We have decades of experience counseling families through these conversations. Our care management services are here to make sense of the myriad of decisions involved in caring for your loved one and to find the best care for each individual.

All of our family lives far from our parents. How can care management services help?

Care management services can be your family’s lifesaver! As your care management provider, Family First can identify and engage with the resources that will meet your parents’ unique needs. We can be in constant communication with your family about your parents’ status, progress, and changing needs.

My loved one lives in another state. Can you help me?


What qualifications does your care management staff have?

Our staff has years of experience addressing the needs of the elderly and their family caregivers, researching community resources and educating families so that they are empowered to provide the best care for loved ones.Meet our staff.

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